ERP Lab-44        The   Cognitive   Electrophysiology   lab   was founded by prof. Alice Mado Proverbio in 2003, with grants from University of Milano-Bicocca.

Click here for a photogallery  http://milano.repubblica.it/cronaca/2013/07/22/foto/jejejeje-63457627/1/#1

We use a Cognitive Neuroscience approach to investigate the neural mechanisms of mental processes such as visual perception, object recognition and motor affordance, mirror neurons, neuroscience of music and dance, neurosthetics, spatial and non-spatial attention, language (orthographic analysis and lexical access), expertise and cortical plasticity (musicians, bilinguals, interpreters, basketball players..), face processing and lateralization (baby schema), complex social interactions, empathy, action recognition and social cognition, neural bases of humour, sex differences.


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